Daniel Miga M.D.

Dr. Miga grew up in Warwick, RI, the youngest of seven children.  He attended college at Brown University in Providence, RI graduating in 1991 with a degree in Biomedical Ethics.  He also completed medical school at Brown in 1995.  Following medical school he moved to Denver and completed residence in Pediatrics at University of Colorado – The Children’s Hospital.  Dr. Miga joined Southeast Denver Pediatrics in 1998.

Dr. Miga currently lives in Denver with his wife, Melissa, and their children, Luke, Addie, and Bennett.

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Patient Reviews

I take both my sons to Dr. Miga and he is so good about getting to their level and talking to them and making them feel important. He also answers all my questions and I really appreciate his knowledge and honesty.
- Jamie C

Dr. Miga recently saw my son as his regular pediatrician was not available. My son had stomach pain that I suspected was partially related to anxiety. Dr. Miga addressed the situation beautifully talking to my son about bravery and the fact that even brave people get scared. He also gave him several good suggestions for dealing with pain and anxiety but did so in a way that was respectful. I would highly recommend Dr. Miga
- Kelly J

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