Sharon Sagel M.D.

Dr. Sagel grew up in Denver, CO, and graduated from Cherry Creek High School.  She attended college at Duke University, followed by medical school at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.  She returned to Denver to complete her residency in Pediatrics at the University of Colorado – The Children’s Hospital.  She joined Southeast Denver Pediatrics in 2000.

Dr. Sagel lives in Denver with her husband, Scott, and their children Jonathan, Andrew, and Eliana.  The Sagels enjoy skiing, hiking, music, travel, and frequent zoo and playground trips with the kids.

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Patient Reviews

Dr. Sagel has made very thoughtful and thorough referrals when our needs have extended her expertise. You will feel heard, respected and the health and wellness of your child is her priority. I would most certainly recommend her and hope she is still practicing when our children have children.
- CS

Dr. Sagel is an amazing doctor. She is my pediatrician and has always been there to support me. I struggle a lot with mental health and that is the only area that we have differences of opinions. overall she is great for well-child exams and physical, along with random sicknesses
- Emma J

Dr Sagel has been the primary Dr for both of our children and has been wonderful! Both of our children have had different health crisis and she has always been there with great advice and compassion. I have recommended her to everyone who has asked me for the best pediatrician. She is a wonderful doctor and an equally wonderful person.
- Mary B

Dr Sagel is outstanding in intelligence, compassion, and ability to listen to people. I have worked with her in multiple situations. I highly recommend her as a provider and person.
- M J

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