Anna Moles P.A.

Anna has known since she was a very young girl that her life would be dedicated to the health of children. In college she focused her studies on early childhood development, psychology, and sociology so that she could learn about the system of the family and the external factors that influence the wellbeing of children. After college, she spent a year in AmeriCorps tutoring immigrant children from Somalia, South America, and Eastern Europe. She then worked as a business analyst for three years at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and volunteered at community health centers.
After her time at OHSU, Anna was awarded a merit scholarship to attend the University of Colorado where she completed her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at the Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant Program. During her PA training, Anna elected to take as many pediatric-focused rotations as permitted; these included newborn care through the Denver Health well baby nursery, pediatric orthopedics, pediatric psychiatry, and numerous rotations in pediatric primary care. After finishing her degree in 2014, she worked for a short time in Castle Rock and then joined our team at S.E.D.P. In her words, she is "very grateful to be working along Denver's finest pediatric caregivers." She prides herself on team-based care, compassionate interactions with families, supporting caregivers through the challenges of parenting, and celebrating the uniqueness and successes of each child. She gives all that she has to the families who trust her with their children and finds it an honor to work in this field.
Anna's hobbies include growing a summer vegetable garden, biking with her husband, keeping up with recent pediatric medical literature, and cleaning finger paint off of her 1-year old son, Owen.

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Patient Reviews

Anna is the absolute best! She genuinely cares about each kiddo she sees and really works well to understand the whole family unit. She is gentle, kind, caring and my kids respond very well to her. We have seen her in sick times, and well times and she is fabulous at every appointment!
- Serene V

We feel so lucky to have a provider like Anna. It is abundantly clear that she cares deeply for each patient, she is thoughtful and thorough. She also has excellent intuition and is a great partner to parents.
- Andrea L

I’m tempted to gush, but will restrain myself. Anna Moles is the one I always choose to see at Southeast Denver Pediatrics...not that I don’t admire and appreciate all the doctors who practice there. Her thoroughness and attention to medical detail is matched by her genuine interest in the well-being of her patients. There are no cursory or half-hearted exams here, no sense you are just one of many in an assembly line of worried parents. I can’t speak highly enough of Anna...
- Catherine G

Anna is an exceptional doctor. She is attentive, thoughtful and thorough. I feel very lucky she has treated both of my children.
- Sarah K

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